New highway markings are for survey purposes

New highway markings are for survey purposes

Q: I see black and white squares on Highway 17, Highway 1 (all the way down to Big Sur) and on Highway 9. Internet searches yield inconclusive results. The ubiquitous squares are 11/2 feet by maybe 2 feet. What are they? … I doubt they are speed measuring (aviation) markers because they are on Highway 17 under tree covered sections of road. … Some of the squares are in the new pavement, some in old pavement in the center of the lane and a couple off to the side.

Rich D’Arcey, Mark Stovall and Tim Mihora

A: Introducing the mobile terrestrial laser scanners, markings to help survey crews dealing with bridges, pavements and major accident investigations. This enables crews and the CHP to remain off the road and out of danger.

The system produces precise data at or near highway speeds, enabling surveyors to collect many miles of roadway in a single day, And no lane closures  are needed. It’s been used in more than 100 projects in the past several years across California.

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