Gotcha: Hill Intern Who Yelled ‘F**k You’ To Trump Has Been Identified

Gotcha: Hill Intern Who Yelled ‘F**k You’ To Trump Has Been Identified

If there is one side that cannot take the high road, it’s the Left. Remember when they go low; we go high from the 2016 campaign? Well, that’s been stabbed, shot, doused in gasoline, set on fire, and ran over with a tank. Trump officials are being targeted for harassment in public and booted from restaurants by self-righteous progressives eager to get their fifteen minutes of fame. One Hill intern certainly earned her stripes in these theatrics, yelling “Mr. President, f**k you,” as Trump was walking to meet with Speaker Paul Ryan last week. The president was meeting with Republicans ahead of the planned votes on immigration, which have gone down in flames. The vote on the compromise bull is Wednesday and that is surely not going to pass.

It got the attention of the Secret Service, an investigation was initiated, and the game of True Detective had begun. So, you can take a bow Caitlin Marriott, a 21-year-old intern for Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. Will she be fired? Nope—she’s just been suspended for a week, had her Capitol Hill pass revoked, and is restricted to solely working in Hassan’s office located in the Hart Senate Office Building. 

Hey, is it maddening? Yes. Will there have been a media uproar if Obama, or any Democrat, had been president instead of Trump in this situation? You bet. But let’s not lose focus. These hysterics from liberals help Trump. It doesn’t win the Left votes; it only further entrenches support for the president from the GOP base and pushes those on the fence away from Democrats. They either end up supporting Trump or staying home. So, liberal, keep venting—you’re only helping Trump win a second term—big league. 

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