Fireworks brought Bay Bridge to dangerous crawl

Fireworks brought Bay Bridge to dangerous crawl

Q: We were driving east on the Bay Bridge around 9:30 p.m on July 4 when we noticed a huge backup in the left lane. I assumed a car had broken down or there was a backup to get to Treasure Island. It was neither.

Roxanna Ahlbach

A: Please tell us what the problem was.

Q: Multiple jackasses decided that they wanted to watch the fireworks so they just stopped and got out of their cars. On the Bay Bridge! We’ve always been in the city for the 4th so this was the  first time we were driving across the bridge while the fireworks were happening.

I couldn’t believe people would be so stupid to cause all that traffic, not to mention being totally dangerous. Has anyone else seen this?

Roxanna Ahlbach

A: Oh, sadly yes.

Q: That’s crazy! I never heard of anyone doing that before.

Roseann Cirelli

A: They have, says Vu-the-CHP-Man:

“It’s not unusual, not legal and certainly not safe. Every year we put out additional patrol units on the Bay Bridge during the fireworks show specifically to deter this type of behavior. Unfortunately it continues despite verbal warnings and sometimes citations.”

Q:  Wow. I realize the potential danger on the Bay Bridge but don’t you remember the fireworks show at Chrissy Field? It literally stopped all traffic both ways on the Golden Gate Bridge and Doyle Drive for the duration of the show.

Paul Lavelle

A: But this year drivers on the Golden Gate behaved well. Now back to the East Bay.

Q: One year the same thing happened on Interstate 880 south near the big Oakland turn. People just pulled over, parked head first with their cars sticking out in the lanes onto the freeway to see the fireworks around Jack London Square. Truly irresponsible and dangerous.

Bill Lulofs

A:  Both terms fit.

Q: I was very happy to see the fireworks return to downtown San Jose as we drove along Interstate 280. Except for all those drivers who stopped on the shoulders of the freeway. Scary.

Phil Ramirez

A: And …

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